Choir Serenus

The choir was founded in 2001 with 30 members. Now we have 52 members. It is a multi-generation, mixed chorus. In the year of formation it gained Festival Chorus qualification.
We featured three times in the Hungarian Radio's series: "Chorus Podium". Each year we regularly attend in our city's - Vác - celebrations, cultural events. Twice a year we give a concert by ourselves in Vác, and in its surrounding villages.
We are regular participants on Christmas concerts, church concerts and village day's of the neighbouring villages.
The Choir Serenus is glad to establish relations with other choirs. We have organised choir-meeting where we received (invited) guests from Baja, Győr, Komárom, Nagymaros.
We established an exchange-relationship with the Choir-alliance working in Ulm. As a result of this we received a young German chamber choir in Vác and as a return we spent a few days in Ulm.
The choir prepares for the major tasks in choir-camps. These few days long camps resemble to the athletes' training camps, where we sing and learn 6-8 hours a day. Beside the professional results these days spent together yield in great human effects as well such as: friendship, community advancement.
The Choir Serenus is a regular participant of the organisation "Váci Világi Vigalom" - "Secular Festival in Vác" as well.
Recently, on 25th July, 2009 we hold a separate concert on this occasion under the title: "Hungarian countryside with Hungarian brush" from the works of Hungarian authors. The repertoire included the works of Bárdos, Bartók, Halmos, Kocsár, Kodály, Nógrádi, Sugár.
The Serenus is an amateur choir working in a small town with all the joy and sorrow of this fact. Despite all the difficulties our committed members are pleased to sing, they are seeking for values and try to give high standard performances according to their best knowledge. Our specific objective in the near future is to apply for a Concert Chorus rating.